javascript – Understanding of TPL files-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’ve started researching tpl files as I’ve been seeing something in them that I don’t recognize, from what I could tell from my research it is just a php file that people renamed for includes but I’ve noticed there are conditions being used I’ve never really seen before… like in WHMCS there are conditions like so:

    {if $languagechangeenabled && count($locales) > 1}
            <a href="#" class="choose-language" data-toggle="popover" id="languageChooser">
                <b class="caret"></b>
            <div id="languageChooserContent" class="hidden">
                    {foreach $locales as $locale}
                            <a href="{$currentpagelinkback}language={$locale.language}">{$locale.localisedName}</a>

Is there any documentation someone can link me to for this? It’s not essential to me as I just do this in php but I’m really curious as it’s not just the first time I have noticed it

Is this just another way of doing php without the php? tags?

How to solve:

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