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Exception or error:

I’ve an element in the DOM:

<a href="#" data-a="1">Link</a>

I want to get this element via its HTML5 custom data attribute data-a. So I write JS codes:

var a = document.querySelector('a[data-a=1]');

But this code doesn’t work and I get an error in browser’s console. (I tested Chrome and Firefox.)

JS code var a = document.querySelector('a[data-a=a]'); doesn’t cause error. So I think the problem is that HTML5’s JS API document.querySelector doesn’t support to look for the number value in HTML5 custom data attribute.

Is this a problem of browser implementation bug or a problem of HTML5’s spec relevant to document.querySelector?

Then I tested codes below on

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>An HTML Document</title>
<a href="#" data-a="1">Link</a>

They’re validated. Since these HTML5 codes are validated. We should can use HTML5’s JS API document.querySelector to look for this anchor element via its custom data attribute. But tha fact is that I get error.

Does HTML5’s spec to HTML5 JS API document.querySelector say that this method can not look for an HTML5 data custom attribute with a number value? (An HTML5 spec source is wanted.)

How to solve:

From the selectors specification:

Attribute values must be CSS identifiers or strings.

Identifiers cannot start with a number. Strings must be quoted.

1 is therefore neither a valid identifier nor a string.

Use "1" (which is a string) instead.

var a = document.querySelector('a[data-a="1"]');


You could use

var a = document.querySelector('a[data-a="1"]');

instead of

var a = document.querySelector('a[data-a=1]');


An example with variable (ES6):

const item = document.querySelector([data-itemid="${id}"]);


Took me a while to find this out but if you a number stored in a variable, say x and you want to select it, use

document.querySelector('a[data-a= + CSS.escape(x) + ']'). 

This is due to some attribute naming specifications that I’m not yet very familiar with. Hope this will help someone.


Yes strings must be quoted and in some cases like in applescript, quotes must be escaped

do JavaScript "document.querySelector('span[" & attrName & "=\"" & attrValue & "\"]').click();"

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