jquery – How can transform my localstorage into JSON I and how can I retrieve values stored in as JSON using PHP?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

So I am working on a multistep-form so I stored what I need in localstorage now I am using this code to transform it into JSON:

var obj = { 
    gateway: localStorage.gateway, 
    qtgateway: localStorage.qtgateway,
    carte: localStorage.carte,
    qtcarte: localStorage.qtcarte,
    capt: localStorage.capt,
    qtcapt: localStorage.qtcapt,
    act: localStorage.act,
    qtact: localStorage.qtact,
    conn: localStorage.conn,
    qtconn: localStorage.qtconn

var r = JSON.stringify(obj);

this code isn’t working and
I don’t know how to retrieve these values in PHP?

How to solve:

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