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I am working with an output that can be either null, 0, or a json object. And with that I need to come up with a means of determining if that output is indeed a real object. But I can’t find anything that gives me a definitive answer as to if there is something like that in the javascript functionality or not. If there isn’t is there a means otherwise that I can detect if this is an object?

How to solve:

You can use typeof operator.

if( (typeof A === "object" || typeof A === 'function') && (A !== null) )
    alert("A is object");

Note that because typeof new Number(1) === 'object' while typeof Number(1) === 'number'; the first syntax should be avoided.


use the following

It will return a true or false

theObject instanceof Object


In jQuery there is $.isPlainObject() method for that:

Description: Check to see if an object is a plain object (created
using “{}” or “new Object”).

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