kotlin suppress warning deprecated for Android-ThrowExceptions

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In my Kotlin Android project, I am using a function that has been deprecated starting from api 23, which is quite recent. So I need a way to disable those deprecated warnings. Is there an easy way to do so?

How to solve:

Use @Suppress annotation with argument "DEPRECATION":


Instead of a single statement, you can also mark a function, a class or a file (@file:Suppress("DEPRECATION") in its beginning) with the annotation to suppress all the deprecation warnings issued there.

In IntelliJ IDEA this can also be done through Alt+Enter menu with caret placed on code with deprecation warning.


In Kotlin


is changed to


For removing the strike through deprecation warnings you should add,


to remove the warning from the super method.
By adding


The warning of the function will get removed.
So, the complete annotation will be;

@Suppress("OverridingDeprecatedMember", "DEPRECATION")

As an additional note the deprecation should be written as “DEPRECATION” ( use capital letters)

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