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There is a TextField “Filter” below the LogCat output. However, it seems to filter only the Message-column. Id like to filter Tags also. Because there are my class names.

How can I achieve it?

How to solve:

There’s a button that looks like a green + in the upper right of the log cat window, if you mouse over it says “Create Filter” in the popup from that you can filter by log tag. It creates a new tab in log cat with the filter name you specified. Then all of the output of that tag will go to that tab and not the “Log” tab.


In Eclipse, if I would like to exclude those annoying Choreographer messages,I write this filter in the logcat filter TextField : tag:^(?!Choreographer).*$ and it excludes all messages which tag starts with the text Choreographer

If you want multiple exclusions : tag:^(?!Choreographer|dalvikvm-heap|Trace).*$


The Log tag field accepts Java regular expressions, so try this:


which matches exactly those tags. You can go crazy with complicated regular expressions, if that’s your idea of fun.


Old question, but still relevant, and didn’t see this answer among the answers here.

To filter by multiple columns in logcat textfield, simply use a space between regular expressions, and the column title in lower case followed by : to assign the regex to that column instead of the default “text:"

for example:

tag:wif text:event

a space ‘‘ is used as an AND argument.
a single ‘|‘ without space is an OR.

Regarding one of the comments I’ve seen here – There is no realy need for a wildcard, since it is automatically applied before and after the filter text.
If you don’t want wildcard, you can use regular expression syntax to restrict the string.
for example: ^starswith or fullword$

TIP: if you want to match a space character or a tab in your output, just type in: \s at the desired place.


A sample from the ADB manual:

adb logcat ActivityManager:I MyApp:D *:S

The *:S is vital as this would suppress other tags different than the ones specified by us.

Unfortunately, one can’t use wildcards in the names, i.e.:

adb logcat ActivityManager:I MyApp*:D *:S

wouldn’t work.


When filtering, you must use no whitespace after ‘tag:’ and all is case sensitive. For example:


and not

TAG: mirko


Run logcat in a shell and pipe it through grep.

There’s probably even a way to do execute this from an eclipse window that would capture the output.


this should be the same across all platforms, but I’m specifically doing this on Mac Snow leopard, helios….

with the latest eclipse and android plugin, go to window -> show view -> android -> logcat

then in the upper right corner of the view there are filter buttons : “V” “D” “I” “W” “E” then a + edit and –

click on the + and type in your tag, or pid

enjoy filtered logCat


In LogCat’s search textbox, you will see the hint text “Search for messages, Accepts Java regexes, Prefix with pid:, app:, tag: or text: to limit scope.”

So just type in tag:YOUR_TAG_NAME

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