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How long does it typically take to submit an application and get approval on the Android Marketplace?

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There is no approval delay: it may take up to an hour to list and be visible in search results, though. I’ve typically seen 15 minutes.


Submitting an App to the market(excluding the time you have to spend filling out information) is between 15-60 minutes. Before it was submitted and accessible within about 5 minutes but then it was not search-able. Now it takes longer but when it’s done it’s search-able from the start. This also applies to version updates.

The developer submission can take a couple of days until it is fully approved, sometimes they will also require you to send in documents to prove your identity and then it will take some extra time. Before, the account process didn’t take any time, but I guess they added some manual control since then.

Apps: ~ 1 hour.

Dev Acc: A couple of days.

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