mdpi image is too small for 10" android tablet-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have drawables for each density as ldpi,mdpi,hdpi and xhdpi.

Both 10″ tablet device (1280×800) and a handset device 320×480 uses medium density. I have an 35×35 mdpi image. But this image is too small for tablet whereas it is ok for handset.

I read relevant documents. But I guess I couldn’t understand sth significant. Is there anyway for tablet use xhdpi images or I wonder how to use bigger images for mdpi tablet.

How to solve:

You should add a second identifier large and/or xlarge to your drawable folders. Increase the size in drawable-xlarge-mdpi until you are happy with the result while the drawable-mdpi will be the same size as before.

This increases the app size, but it will fix your issue.


If you want to achieve this without increasing your app size, there is a way to let a high density screen and a large medium density screen use the same resource. You need to place the image you want to re-use in the ‘drawable-nodpi’ folder. This will stop the platform performing its own scaling when using it. For example, assuming you have a resource called ‘my_resource’, if you want the tablet-size screen to use your xhdpi resource, then move it out of drawable-xhdpi and rename it like this:


Then in both the drawable-xhdpi and drawable-xlarge folders, create a file called my_resource.xml which looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<bitmap xmlns:android=""

Now when you use @drawable/my_resource, the xhdpi version will be used by xhdpi screens and xlarge screens, and you only have to maintain one version of the image. I use this technique quite a lot and it works really well. Hope that helps!


These are defined as common practice:


drawable-ldpi/xyz.png          low resolution devices 320x240 (now a days no phone comes with this resolution)
drawable-mdpi/xyz.png          medium resolution devices 480x320
drawable-hdpi/xyz.png          high resolution devices 800x480
drawable-xhdpi/xyz.png         Extra high resolution devices 1280*720
drawable-xxhdpi/xyz.png        Extra Extra high resolution devices 1920x1080


drawable-large-mdpi/xyz.png    7” Tablet (600x1024 mdpi)
drawable-xlarge-mdpi/xyz.png   10” tablet (720x1280 mdpi, 800x1280 mdpi, etc).


I include some resources in drawable-xlarge, and drawable-large folders, in addition to the drawable-hdpi folders. This works for me.

Another alternative, is to scale an image in code directly, which I do with the following code:

Drawable scaledIcon = new BitmapDrawable(Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(myImage, pxInt, pxInt, true));

It is not a good idea to scale a lot of images in your code (using this method), as I think it is resource intensive to modify the images on the fly like this. I do use this in some cases, where the image I am using may not be a standard size (and I want it to fit right always).

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