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Exception or error:
can anybody have any idea how to stop ASyncTask thread in android?.

Actually i have a loop which creates threads and executes them. and when this loop will end i want to stop all that threads which have run.
is there anyway to stop threads?

thanks alot.

How to solve:

In my experience with AsyncTask, calling cancel(boolean mayInterruptIfRunning) doesn’t necessarily stop the execution of the background process. All that seems to happen is that the AsyncTask will execute onCancelled(), and won’t run onPostExecute() when it completes. The behaviour probably depends on exactly what code you have in doInBackgound()


In my case I perform server requests with HttpPost, HttpGet and so on. The only way I found to end an AsyncTask was calling the abort() method as you can see in the following example

if (isCancelled) {
     try {
         //cancel the task and immediately abort the HttpRequest
     } catch (UnsupportedOperationException e) {

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