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I ran my application and I can’t get the sound working on the Android Emulator.
I checked and enabled the audio playback boolean in the Eclipse AVD Manager.
I also went into the sound options in the Android Emulator and put them up (no sound while putting them up).
I checked the box that says all selections will make a noise(still no sound).

My application uses the MediaPlayer class and I am running win7 x64 if that has anything to do with it.

Help is appreciated.

How to solve:

For OS X the Android Emulator uses the settings for “Sound Effects” so this is what I had to do to fix my issue:

  1. Click the Apple icon in the top left, then click on System Preferences
  2. Click on Sound
  3. Click on “Sound Effects”
  4. Set “Play sound effects through” to “Selected sound output device”
  5. Set the Alert volume almost at max.

Somehow this had changed to use my monitors instead.


in ubuntu 16.04 start emulator;go to ubuntu SystemSettings/Sound/Applications uncheck mute checkbox and set cursor at middle.


The solution on ubuntu 16.04 was going to System settings->Sound->Application tab
Then unmuting the Qemu-system… and increasing the volume

enter image description here


On Debian 8 , you should open qemu-system after android emulator launching
enter image description here


On On Kubuntu , you should increase the playback stream of qemu-system after android emulator launching
enter image description here


my apps working fine with sound suddenly it stop sound because of some code changed. all other app sound also stopped then i did below step now it is fine

try below

go to android emulator
1.close the program
2.setting -> sound –>volumes ->increase sound value in music video games and other media
it will work


I had the same problem : in a terminal,
type pavucontrol (when emulator is running)
and another application using sound, that works, is running too (on pause).

Check if quemu-system and the other application use the same soundcard… In my case, this was the problem :quemu system was using a non working internal soundcard.


Try pressing F6. I had a hard time to figuring this out.

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