Out of memory error on android emulator, but not on device-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

On the Android Emulator, when I exit my app and run it again immediately, I get

OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget.

But on the device itself, this does not happen. Why?

How to solve:

On a emulator the default max heap size is around 13MB.

On a device, it depends of the phone and of the android version. On my Motorola Droid, the max heap size is around 21-22MB and on my HTC Desire it’s around 32MB.

That’s why you have a crash on the emulator and not on your device.

If you want to monitor the heap size of your application you can call a similar method:

protected void displayMemoryUsage(String message) {
    int usedKBytes = (int) (Debug.getNativeHeapAllocatedSize() / 1024L);
    String usedMegsString = String.format("%s - usedMemory = Memory Used: %d KB", message, usedKBytes);
    Log.d(TAG, usedMegsString);


Increase the AVD RAM and the max VM application heap size in VM options.

To do that, go to

Window–>AVD Manager–>Virtual Devices–>Edit.


You need to increase heap size for the emulator – it worked for me
i increased it from 16 M to 32 M


Here is a lazy for how to find the options to manipulate heapsize for emulator from Andriod studio 1.2.0

  1. Menu Tools->Android->AVD Manager
  2. edit the virtual device of choice
  3. click advanced settings and scroll down

Change VM heap in android studio


Probably it is because you’re device has more memory than your emulator. This SO question shows you how to increase the size on your emulator.

Additionally you could increase the Java VM Heap size.


Increase the size of memory allocated…

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