performance – Android Studio Slow Debugging on Device-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

All was well until very recently when I noticed that debugging has become very slow. I do not recall any drastic changes that would cause this.

UI Navigation has a noticeable lag and network operations take forever. This is somewhat remedied if I reboot the phone and restart Android Studio/ADB.

App behaves fine when running in normal mode.

I’m using Dalvik runtime, on Android 4.4.2. I have not used ART.

Any advice on how to address this?

How to solve:

Check your breakpoints in Debug bookmark (button “View Breakpoints”), if there are many breakpoints which you forgot delete in the past this may slow you debugger. In my case deleting all breakpoints fix the problem.


I had such an experience before and it was due to a custom library that I had attached to my project, I still don’t know how these two were related but after removing the library it worked like a charm.
See what has been added to your project recently, maybe it help you too.

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