Performance testing for Android application which uses UDP protocol, how to run jmeter script on android device for UDP requests plugin?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Using UDP requests plugin, I created jmeter script to run on desktop application. Now I am trying to run same jmeter script via Android device. I used ‘Https Test script Recorder’ but still I doesn’t able to run UDP requests on android device. Is there any way to Run UDP requests on Android device ?

How to solve:

HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder as per its name can only capture HTTP or HTTPS

UDP is a different beast hence UDP packets cannot be captured by JMeter.

I would suggest using a lower-level sniffer tool like Wireshark which is capable of capturing UDP traffic and once you have the request payload you can simulate the request using UDP Request sampler (can be installed using JMeter Plugins Manager)

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Check out Load Testing UDP – The Ultimate Guide article to get more information regarding the specifics of the UDP requests simulation using JMeter


Thanks Dmitri, Can you please suggest any tool which can do performance test on android device app for UDP requests and response ?

With the above link “Load Testing UDP – The Ultimate Guide” I can able to create jmeter script and run on desktop but I need to run from android device.


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