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On my WordPress page I have created a shortcode function which gets a parameters from the URL of the post. So, I have created this simple function and added the following code to the theme’s file function.php:

function getParam($param) {
  if ($param !== null && $param !== '') {
    echo $param;
  } else {
    echo "Success";

add_shortcode('myFunc', 'getParam');

And I know I have to add this shortcode to posts and pages using (in my case) [myFunc param=''].

Usually, I would get the value of the parameter from the URL using <?php $_GET['param'] ?>, but in this case I don’t know how to send this PHP code to the shortcode function.

For example, I doubt I can write [myFunc param=$_GET['param']].

How to solve:

A shortcode like this:

[myFunc funcparam="param"]

Is not needed here, unless the called parameter is changing with the posts.

Let’s say you have this URL:

To get the value of ‘param’ by using the shortcode described above, your function in functions.php should look something like this:

function sc_getParam() {

    // Get parameter(s) from the shortcode
    extract( shortcode_atts( array(
        "funcparam" => 'funcparam',
    ), $atts ) );

    // Check whether the parameter is not empty AND if there is
    // something in the $_GET[]
    if ( $funcparam != '' && isset( $_GET[ $funcparam ] ) ) {

        // Sanitizing - this is for protection!
        $thisparam = sanitize_text_field( $_GET[ $funcparam ] );

        // Returning the value from the $_GET[], sanitized!
        return $thisparam;
    else {
        // Something is not OK with the shortcode function, so it
        // returns false
        return false;

add_shortcode( 'myFunc', 'sc_getParam' );

Look up these references:


If you need get the parameters you can:

function getParam($arg) {

    if (isset($arg) &&
        array_key_exists('param', $arg ) &&
        $arg['param'] != '')
        return $_GET[$arg['param']]; // OR  get_query_var($arg['param']);
        return "Success";

add_shortcode('name', 'getParam');


Do it this way:

function getParam($data)
    $var = $_GET[$data['param']];

    if ($var !== null && $var !== '')
        echo "True: " . $var;
    else echo "False: " . $var;

And call it by: [myFunc param=whatever]

You shouldn’t call a function in the shortcode.

For better understanding, I changed your code just a little bit, but beware this is not secure and clean.

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