php – Artisan command says : Dotenv values containing spaces must be surrounded by quotes-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m trying to know the list of artisan command by using php artisan list . and the command return me the following error
Dotenv values containing spaces must be surrounded by quotes.

What is wrong?

Thanks in advance.

How to solve:

You should remove all spaces from .env file to make an app work again.

If you have to use spaces, instead of this:

VAR=some data

Use quotes:

VAR="some data"


Verify your .env file. You need to check for the following:

  • Any extra or non-needed spaces
  • If you have any strings with spaces, make sure to surround them in quotes


varaible=123 Test

Needs to be

varaible="123 Test"


if you use two word for username or database name in .env,put it inside a double quotation.



First check env.

If your var value with space so check value in double quotes. like,

 MAIL_FROM_NAME="Sarvajanik School"

If you use single quotes then the possible to got this error containing spaces must be surrounded by quotes


Make sure that:

  • all variables with spaces are surrounded by quotes
  • there are no semi-colons

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