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Is there a way to check if an array index exists or is null?
isset() doesn’t tell you whether the index doesn’t exist or exists but is null.
If I do : isset($array[$index]) || is_null($array[$index]) it won’t work because if the index doesn’t exist is_null will crash.

How can I check this please? Also is there a way to check only if something exist, no matter if it is set to null or not?

How to solve:

The function array_key_exists() can do that, and property_exists() for objects, plus what Vineet1982 said. Thanks for your help.


This is the very good question and you can use get_defined_vars() for this:

$foo = NULL;
$a = get_defined_vars();

if (array_key_exists('def', $a)) {
   // Should evaluate to FALSE

if (array_key_exists('foo', $a)) {
   // Should evaluate to TRUE

This will solve your problem


Simplest defined in:

$array=array('raja'=>'value', 'john'=>'value2');
echo array_key_exists($var, $array);

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