php – Codeception does not find element by selector-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am working on CMS (PHPShop) what use WINDOWS-1251 (Cyrillic – I think it might be the reason of trouble)
I wrote symple test on page.
Like so

        $I->see('Пожалуйста, оплатите свой заказ');
        $I->see('Оплатить заказ №');
        $I->seeElement('div', ['class' => 'order']);
        $I->seeElement('input', ['name' => 'token']); // here is the failer
         * Element located either by name, CSS or XPath element with input' with attribute(s) '"name":"token" was not found.

If I do search on the page I can find this input with name “token” but test failed. I afraid it because not Unicode encoding problem am I right?

Here link to the page

How to solve:

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