php – Custom Laravel Blade Directive gives error when if statement is being used-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have this opiece of code in the boot of my RoleServiceProvider:

public function boot()
    Blade::directive('role', function ($role) {

        $hasRole = User::find(Auth::id())->hasRole($role);

        return "<?php if ( $hasRole  ) : ?>";

    Blade::directive('endrole', function ($role) {
       return "<?php endif; ?>";

The var $hasRole is holding the status: true/false, now i my blade:


Looks OK to me, but it is giving me this error:

syntax error, unexpected ‘)’ (View: C:\wamp64\www\laravel6\packages\users\management\src\View\overview.blade.php)

For some reason I don’t know as the code looks fine to me..
Some suggestions?

How to solve:

Try to use if directive instead.

Blade::if('role', function ($role) {
    return User::find(Auth::id())->hasRole($role);

In Blade:


Also, you can get a user object straight away from Auth like this:

return Auth::user()->hasRole($role);

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