php – Fetch and Display MySql Data into HTML5 Table Distinctly-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

i am trying to display data from Mysql database into HTML5 table.
My Mysql table looks like this:

Mysql Partnership_Table:

mysql table

What i want to achieve is to sum the values of the accounts that have entreis int he same category and display them on the same lines in html table like below:


Html Table

How do i go about it? please assist.

This is what i have done so far:

                   $queryo = mysqli_query($conn, "SELECT, partnership_records.account, partnership_records.category, SUM(partnership_records.USD) AS totalUSD, SUM(partnership_records.EURO) AS totalEURO, SUM(partnership_records.POUNDS) AS totalGBP FROM partnership_records  GROUP BY partnership_records.category");

                           $rowss = mysqli_fetch_array($queryo);

How to solve:

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