php – form submission to database upon payment been completed via paypal-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

OK. I have my connection to my database allowing content to be posted to my website from users.

I’m missing a key function that will allow me to charge users before they post a posting to my website.

I have been searching for a course or solution example for weeks now and have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help me or lead me in the right direction?

Here is an example:

dummydata form image example

This will work to take you to a payment portal but will not submit my form data to database after payment is complete. If I change action to action=”” the data will be sent to my database but no payment will be required.

Thank you in advance!

How to solve:

There are three essential steps:

  1. collect and verify payment
  2. collect content to be posted/displayed
  3. enable post for display on website

Steps (1) and (2), the collection steps, can happen in either order. And probably sequentially, one right after the other. But importantly, they CANNOT happen simultaneously. They are separate processes that occur one after the other.

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