php – How to add webhook in clickfunnel. it is not accepting my webhook url-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

For Adding Webhook in Testoptin I followed the below steps with screenshot links you can check.

  • I selected the optin first.
  • Then I clicked Settings.
  • I Selected the manage webhook in order to create a new webhook as shared by clickfunnel Video for wetting up webhook. see the screenshot below.
  • I got the option to create a Webhook
  • When I fill the form and subtmitted I got this.
  • I am adding the url Here.
How to solve:

Simply add the directories


To your web server root. Click funnel hits that path before it adds a new web hook URL.


  1. Upload your PHP file on server.
  2. confirm the file by visiting the URL.
  3. Check the URL path in CF webhook field 9might be typo mistakes in
  4. Try to use HTTPS version of webhook URL.
  5. Try www and without www versions in field.
  6. Sometime CF give 404 error for newly uploaded file on server.

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