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I have a simple question, I wanted to know how to make a database query run at the end of the previous one.
In my case I am doing an insert and then an update of that insert.
Does not update because the insert has not finished.

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This is all in php

$id_mensaje_converted = "123";
$body_str = "Hello";

$consulta = "INSERT INTO mensajes (id_mensaje, body) VALUES ('$id_mensaje_converted', '$body_str')";
$resultado = mysqli_query( $conexion, $consulta );

//Then by post I receive a status

if (isset($_POST['status'])){
    $status_str = $_POST['status'];
    $consulta = "UPDATE mensajes SET status = '$status_str' WHERE id_mensaje ='$id_mensaje_converted'";
    $resultado = mysqli_query( $conexion, $consulta );
How to solve:

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