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I am having problems getting a php-based webpage to run on my apache2 webserver. Basic functionalities like logins and page navigations are working fine, but almost every other functionality triggered by buttonclicks or certain URLs are not working, the browsers are just indicating that they are waiting for the webserver and the grey loading circle is displayed.
Apaches var/log/apache2/error.log shows no errors and the access.log shows that the requests actually reach my webserver. Yet I don’t get any response, not even an error code or a timeout. What could be the problem for this? How could I debug it?

The setting is the following:

A self-built docker image on the base of ubuntu:18.04 with apache2 and php7.2 as the php version. All stuff happening on the webpages is situated at var/www/html/ and as I said, basic functionalities such as logging in work, so php, mysql and the webserver as such seem to be working fine. I don’t get any useful error logs either.

I also tried the exact same setup on a normal Ubuntu 18.04 VM and could reproduce the said behaviour, so I ruled out docker/containerization as the issue for now.

One basic functionality that is not working is a simple file upload. I open the “choose a file to upload” dialogue, select the file and click on “upload”. The corresponding php-settings should allow for files of the given size (15MB in this case) to be uploaded.
What is getting logged is the initial GET call from the http-client of my browser, but that is it. The browser just keeps telling me that it is waiting for my webserver forever, no timeout, no 4XX or 5XX error response.

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