php – How to make an existing Laravel app as multi-tenant without changing the app code-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have a Point of Sale system built with Laravel and Vue. I am trying to make it as a multi-tenant app to make it as a saas. I tried to use but I am not sure how it works and what to do after Installing the package.

How to make my current app as multi-tenant using the subdomain changing the database, cache manager, file system root path and makes the job tenant aware.

If you how to work with Stancl’s tenancy package please answer as well.

Please read this if you know Stancl’s package.
installed this package and created the tenant. Tenants are creating in the central database when I looked at the “domain” and “tenant” table. But when I try to migrate the newly created tenant database it is saying “nothing to migrate” and when I check the tenant folder in the migration folder and it is empty.
But I tried by importing the main database into the tenant database via phpmyadmin, and still not working

And When I tried the tenant domain it is saying
This is your multi-tenant application. The id of the current tenant is b1f48ca7-60e4-4e10-bb58-6c2d2d282f07

Tenant route file also empty

How to solve:

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