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In my full-stack web dev class, all of our projects and assignments are built with PHP’s Fat Free Framework. For the most part, using the framework is great, but when embedding template information into HTML files, it can be difficult to tell if I am doing so correctly because my editor (PHP Storm) doesn’t recognize the syntax. For example, the following code (a select dropdown in which the user can choose which US state they live in) should hopefully be valid:

<select class="form-control required-input" name="state" id="state">
                    <option value="select">Select</option>
                    <repeat group="{{ @states }}"
                            value="{{ @state }}">
                        <option value="{{ @state }}"

                        <check if="{{ @selectedState == @state }}">
                        >{{ @state }}

but the editor shows an error because it believes the tag is never closed. My teacher just told us to ignore such errors, but it makes it difficult for me to be confident in the strength of my code. I was wondering if there were any sites or plugins similar to PHP Code Checker or HTML Validator for me to run my code through just to make sure everything is up to F3 standards.

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