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Exception or error:

I have multiple users in my system, so I want a manager User with different dashboard.

My Controller look like this:


In my AdminDashboardController I have 2 function

    public function countAllUser()
        $cards = User::count();

        return response()->json(['cards' => $cards]);

    public function totalSales()
        return 'Hello';

And In My DashboardController Like this

  public function index(Request $request)
        $adminUser = auth()->user()->roles->pluck('name')->toArray();

        if($adminUser[0] === 'administrator') {
            return (new AdminDashboardController())->countAllUser();

yes, its work, but if I tried something like this

return (new AdminDashboardController())->countAllUser()->totalSales();

It doesn’t work and I think this doesn’t make sense either..

Is there a way I can achieve this?? Thanks…

How to solve:

You should create Action/Helper/Service Class but if you want to return controller methods you will need to do something like

return response([
    'user_count' => (new AdminDashboardController())->countAllUser(), 
    'sales' => (new AdminDashboardController())->totalSales(),


Although call controller method from another controller is not a good practice ,you should use service.

But if you really want to do this , you can do it by



(new AdminDashboardController())->countAllUser();



Your code

return (new AdminDashboardController())->countAllUser()->totalSales();

didn’t work because
(new AdminDashboardController())->countAllUser() returns a \Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse instance , you should call totalSales on an controller instance

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