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I’m new to Laravel and trying to solve an Edit/View table cell issue.

I’d like to create a table that shows live data and can be edited on a cell by cell basis.

property_name comes from Availability belongsTo Property
room_name populates from Availability Resource

The dates are start_date from each Availability returned within the Collection

the cells under the dates are a single Availability showing a status. on click I’d like a model to popup with a short form to edit certain fields of that Availability.

Table headings:

Property Name | Room Name | 10/10/2020 | 17/10/2020 | 26/10/2020
Property A      Room A      Available     Booked       Hold
Property A      Room B      Hold          Available    Booked 
Property A      Room C      Hold          Booked       Available

I’ve not seen any examples of this online – everything is normally laid out in a row per Availability, but for me, it will be a Cell per Availability.


  1. Has to live update and ideally show a locked status on a cell(if the cell is being edited.)
  2. Update each Availability per Cell not per row – on cell click shows
    a model with a few properties to edit
  3. Start date headings to pull in for those start_dates available
    within query

I’ve had a look at Bootstrap Vue and Laravel DataTables but not quite sure they can be used on a cell by cell basis rather than row?

Thanks for your thoughts!

How to solve:

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