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is there anyway we can set enable / disable email verification dynamically when users register ?

I think, in order to set email verification, we should set Auth::routes(['verify' => true]); and in User model, we should set class User extends Authenticatable implements MustVerifyEmail

Is there any simple way to do this dynamically?
So let’s say we set enable / disable in admin panel.
And according to it, can we set enable / disable in front auth page?

How to solve:

You can simply manipulate the email_verified_at column in the users table.

I suggest using an observer :

php artisan make:observer UserObserver --model=User

You can use config or database to determine whether to use verification email or not.


class UserObserver
     * Handle the user "created" event.
     * @param  \App\User  $user
     * @return void
    public function created(User $user)
        // Let's say you use config

        if (config('app.email_verification') == false) {
            $user->email_verified_at = now();



To determine email delivery, you can override sendEmailVerificationNotification in the User model :

 * Send the email verification notification.
 * @return void
public function sendEmailVerificationNotification()
    if (config('app.email_verification')) {
        $this->notify(new VerifyEmail);


To keep email_verified_at as null, you can remove observer, then update your Auth::routes :


    'verify' => config('app.email_verification')

    'middleware' => [config('app.email_verification') ? 'verified' : null]
], function () {

    // protected routes

    Route::get('dashboard', 'DashboardController@index');


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