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Exception or error:

My problem is as follows – in the database I have a Products table with a size column. However, I have now created two new columns x_size and y_size and I wanted to move the values from the size column to these 2 columns. I don’t want to change everything manually because there are over 1,000 records in this table.

I have no idea how to go about it, I will be grateful for help.

How to solve:
UPDATE `products` SET `size` = CONCAT(x_size,' ', y_size);

Here I am using concat by white space that two-column, whatever you wish to use.

Note:- Before take back up the particular table


If you want to copy one column value to another column in MySQL perform below query.

UPDATE products SET x_size = SUBSTRING_INDEX(size,'x',+1)
UPDATE products SET y_size = SUBSTRING_INDEX(size,'x',-1)

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