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Hi everyone I need help on how to make a query that will return the remaining data by 10 using Laravel pagination.

I have 15 numbers of data on my table, on first request it returns the first 10 data which is correct, but I need to get the remaining 5.

I doing this using jquery infinite scroll so I’m not showing any pagination or links/urls on my View

public function index()
    $query = Task::whereDate('due', '<', date('Y-m-d'))
                ->where('task_phase_id', '<>', 4)
                ->where('task_status_id', '<>', 9)

Thanks in advance,

How to solve:

If you convert $query to JSON, you’ll have an object with an attribute called next_page_url (see the doc here).

It looks like

You can then simply use this has your request URL with jQuery.

e.g : When you scroll to your page bottom, call next_page_url

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