PHP namespaces (on PHP 5.4)-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I need your help with namespaces.

I have this structure:



namespace System;

use Monolog\Logger;
use Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler;

 * Define a custom exception class
class MyException extends \Exception{
    // Redefine the exception so message isn't optional
    public function __construct($message, $code = 0, Exception $previous = null,$needLog=false) {
        $message = 'My error: '.$message;
        if($needLog) {
        parent::__construct($message, $code, $previous);

    // custom string representation of object
    public function __toString() {
        return __CLASS__ . ": [{$this->code}]: {$this->message}\n";

    static function logError($message,$code) {
        $log  = new Logger('System');
        $log->pushHandler(new StreamHandler('../../log/SystemLog.log',Logger::ERROR));

        $log->error('Cod.'.$code.' - '.$message);

    public static function launch($message, $code = 0, Exception $previous = null,$needLog=false) {
        new MyException($message,$code,$previous,$needLog);


use Exceptions\System;
MyException::launch('Unexpected answer',1,null,true);



And the error is:

( ! ) Fatal error: Class ‘Exceptions\System\SystemException’ not found
in C:\wamp64\www\myRootFolder\main\app\files\file.php on line 109

Maybe I just misunderstand how namespaces work, but I would really like to learn how things work here so I can improve my skills.

Thank you.

How to solve:

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