php – opentok archive callback POST data issue-ThrowExceptions

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I have a tokbox archive callback registered in my account which gets called every time there is a change in an archive – status:created, available etc.

I am working with PHP. According to the docs, the callback is triggered with a POST request to my callback file, that works fine.

I am able to check if(isset($_POST)) {do something}, however the $_POST var is an empty array. According to the docs, I believe there should be a JSON with info about the archive, but do not receive one. That is the issue. I have checked the $_REQUEST variable also – no $_POST, $_GET, $_PUT either.

I am archiving on the TokBox servers not AWS or Azure, and am using the trial account.

Is the callback called with actual POST data in the body?

Any tips for finding out if data is sent?


How to solve:

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