php – password_verify works on Localhost but not in Virtual Host(webhost)-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

please help.

I have this simple script that verify password (argon 2):

$pass = password_verify($_POST['password_login'], $user[0]['pass']);
if ($pass != true) {
    $_SESSION['wrong_pass'] = true;
    header('Location: '.$path);

This script always works on Xampp Localhost.
Otherwise, today I have upload the site on host, and I have tried hard but the password_verify always return false.

Works normally in localhost but not in the web host.
The localhost PHP version is 7.3.8, and the web host PHP version is 7.3.0.

How to solve:

The problem unfortunately was the host, I changed the webhost and everything works well. Thanks everyone for the answers.

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