php – phpMyAdmin db is missing from mysql database table but i can use phpMyAdmin. Do i need it?

exception or error:

I’ve installed newer version 5.0.1 of phpmyadmin on ubuntu server but when i did purge old phpmyadmin installation it removed phpmyadmin db, so not it’s missing. I’ve installed phpmyadmin directly from zip this method. phpmyadmin works and but it’s missing phpmyadmin db in web panel and when i check sql db threw command line this phpmyadmin db is missing.

Is this phpmyadmin db needed and if so how do i create it with default values?

Here is steps i followed:

Notice congif files are in different directories then other articles i followed before, maybe due to different version of phpmyadmin or maybe that has changed with 5.0.1 revision. I do not know. Please help. Thank you kindly. Seb.

How to solve:

PhpMyAdmin create this db itself (if permission exist)

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