php – setting up ffmpeg on xampp server-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

okay, I’ve scoured. and the best I have found are 7 year old videos with outdated information:changes in file structure on the ffmpeg(no php files) and further reading as not enlightened me on how to get this working.
the goal:
to run a shell_exec script that uses ffmpeg to convert images in a server folder into a movie.
however (since I don’t know how to get the server to ‘see’ ffmpeg, it never runs from a php script.
shell_exec works (calculator opens up, and I can open a single image off of the server – so I know the path is correct)

but In general – since there’s almost no documentation that I can find on how to install on a server:(point me in the right direction)
does anyone know how to do this.

C:/xampp/htdocs/gameOfLife/images/ffmpeg -r 19 -f image2  -i image_%d.png

is the command that works in the console but on through a php script.

so how do you get an xampp server (myphpadmin set up), to run ffmpeg (or have access to it… or be able use it through php by any means)?

How to solve:

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