php – starting apache on xampp(it doesn't start or log and its not because of port)-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

so i’m trying to use xampp and start apache server it start all other servers but not apache
i search for it and i do not have skype and i checked for the ports and there was no problem with chosen ports it doesn’t log anything

on the installation there was uac warning and i put uac on never notify so the problem is not from that too.

this the thing it writes in the bottom console:

1:57:43 AM  [Apache]    Attempting to start Apache app...
1:57:43 AM  [Apache]    Status change detected: running
1:57:44 AM  [Apache]    Status change detected: stopped
1:57:44 AM  [Apache]    Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.
1:57:44 AM  [Apache]    This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, 
1:57:44 AM  [Apache]    improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.
1:57:44 AM  [Apache]    Press the Logs button to view error logs and check
1:57:44 AM  [Apache]    the Windows Event Viewer for more clues
1:57:44 AM  [Apache]    If you need more help, copy and post this
1:57:44 AM  [Apache]    entire log window on the forums

and i’m also using the asus default windows 10.

How to solve:

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