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Exception or error:

I have a problem installing TYPO3 10.2.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, Apache 2.4.29, PHP 7.2

I did follow the “Install TYPO3 Without Composer” How to. When I want to access the Installer I see a blank page. So far nothing new, I have seen that a lot of times. I did set the access rights correct but still a blank page.

The Apache error log says:

AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught
LogicException:PSR-11 Container is not available in

In the mentioned php I see additional information 'PSR-11 Container is not available', 1549404144.

I did search on the web to find a possible solution but this time without any luck.

My question: Did someone see that bevore or has a hnt for me what to do?

Thanks a lot in advance.


How to solve:

I just ran into the same problem (Installation with composer by the way).
The problem is that the web server does not have the needed access rights on the Typo3 project folder.
When using the Apache HTTP Server this can be solved with

chown -R :www-data YourProjectFolder  
chmod -R g+w YourProjectFolder

This recursively changes the group of all contained files to ‘www-data’ which is the group used by the Apache server and grants write access for this group.


When did you get the error message? Just after accessing the site for the first time after creating FIRST_INSTALL?

Are there any other error messages before this error message? (If you open the file GeneralUtility and look in the specified line, you will notice that the $container was not created. The question is why?). Problem is most likely somewhere during autoloading / dependency injection.

I never had this error, but here are some tips for generally handling exceptions and solving / debugging these types of things yourself.

  • As already mentioned, the logfile may show additional information. On non-Composer installations you will find this in typo3temp/var/log
  • If you already got so far to enter the backend, you may want to set the Configuration Preset to “Debug” in settings to see more output (do not do this in production)
  • If you finished the installation procedure, but cannot access the backend (with /typo3), see if you can access the install tool (with /typo3/install.php, create a file ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL in typo3conf)
  • Since you know the code of the Exception, you can look up the Exception page in the wiki: (unfortunately in this case it is empty, but it may be helpful for other exceptions)
  • check your permissions, typo3temp must be writable for the user / group Apache is running under (e.g. www-data)

As a last resort, if all else fails, removing the entire content of typo3temp might help. This is not good practice and should usually not be necessary, but it lets you restart with a clean state.

Also see troubleshooting tips in Installation Guide.

P.S. I just followed the Installation Guide: Quick Install without Composer to be sure and it works on my system, Ubuntu 19.04, PHP 7.2, Apache/2.4.38 without any problem.


To wrap this one up:

It was a permission problem. Due to the missleading Error message it took me a while to figure that out. In the mentioned guide it does not say something about permissions.

My conclusion: Whenever it comes to the point that T3 says that a folder can not be created fix the permission problem instead of adding the folder manually.

Thanks to all who did guide me to the right solution.

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