php – Unable to send mails from gmail smtp-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am using Gmail SMTP for sending emails in php. The code is working fine in one of my client website. When I am using the same code for another client website, I am getting an error like “Could not authenticate, SMTP connect() failed.

. I don’t have knowledge in server settings. Both websites are on different servers. Please check the below code.

require 'PHPMailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php';

$mail = new PHPMailer;

$mail->Host = '';

$mail->SMTPDebug = 2;

$mail->SMTPAuth = true;                               
$mail->Username = '';                
$mail->Password = 'password';                          
$mail->SMTPSecure = 'ssl';                           
$mail->Port = 465;  // for tls 587

$mail->Subject = 'Test Email';


$mail->Body = 'Message from test website';



    echo "mail is sent";

      echo $mail->ErrorInfo;


I used php mail function instead of SMTP, Then also I am unable to send emails. Please help me.

How to solve:

You should allow sending emails from an untrusted app.

Google may block sign-in attempts from some apps or devices that do
not use modern security standards. Since these apps and devices are
easier to break into, blocking them helps keep your account safe.

To disable this security feature:

  • Sign in to Gmail
  • Click here to access Less Secure App Access in My
  • Next to “Allow less secure apps: OFF”, select the toggle
    switch to turn ON.

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