php – Unexpected response code 503 (Android Studio)-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

i have an android app and i have created API’s in php, and i have uploaded all API’s on
What my app is doing for example i have to login into app my android code is this:

String register_url=""; 

what this does? it let my app to use do_login.php and do_login.php is present in file manager of hostinger. It was all working fine till last day. Now my app is not able to connect to hostinger i have contacted hostinger support center and they said me to buy a new domain.

enter image description here

Till last day i was not getting this Your domain is not pointing to our name servers.
and now my logcat of android studio is saying:

11-13 18:51:16.635 29958-30309/test.gul.newelectro1 E/Volley: [3245] BasicNetwork.performRequest: Unexpected response code 503 for

this all was working fine and i didn’t made any change so is it hostinger fault or i’m doing some mistake, because hostinger support center said to me that they are facing some issue regarding free subdomains and they are trying to solve it. But it’s been a day and i’m getting this thing.
If we look to app it’s saying :

enter image description here

These are are my API’s(php files), my app is not able to access these files:
enter image description here

How to solve:

Your code is fine,The error 503 your’e getting is the server telling you a service is currently unavailable,Hostinger free servers go down from time to time,shouldn’t last more than a week so be patient it’ll be back eventually,or else you can buy and pay for a domain if you need it available all the time. I tried your link just now and seems fine

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