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Ok, so I’m trying to enable the memcached mode of the W3 Total Cache on my WordPress site to get better performance compared to the disk mode I have at the moment.

The memcached option in the Page Cache Method: drop-down menu of the W3TC settings page was greyed out and disabled since memcached was not installed in my machine. Thus I followed instructions from this website and this question and ran the following commands:

apt-get -y update && \

apt-get install -y memcached && \
service memcached start

apt-get install -y git nano vim netcat && \
apt-get install -y libmemcached-dev libmemcached11 git build-essential  && \
apt-get install -y pkg-config zlib1g-dev && \

git clone && \
(cd php-memcached && \
git checkout php7 && \
git pull  && \

phpize && \
./configure --with-php-config=php-config && \

make && \
make install)

memcached is successfully installed and say echo "stats settings" | netcat localhost 11211 works perfectly, but the problem persists and the phpinfo() page doesn’t have a section for memcached. This is obviously because my WordPress does NOT yet recognize memcached as a possible method for caching stuff.

So, what I’m asking is how can I make my WordPress understand that memcached is a possible caching method?? 🙂 Am I missing any configuration step?

I’m using PhP 7.2.28 and WordPress 5.3.2 on Debian GNU/Linux 10.

How to solve:

Do you have PHP-FPM installed? I’ve run into issues where I’ve forgotten to restart it after installing something new.

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