php – XAMPP tmp folder oversized-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m running some php file every 2 minutes via Windows Task Scheduler, but time-to-time I get notification about low space on my drive D:.

After check I found that in XAMPP tmp folder located on D:\XAMPP\tmp are lot of files with names similar to: cachegrind.out.1381478803-D__xampp_htdocs_Real_Estate_App_index_php and size of each file is more than 144 MB.

These files have content:

==== NEW PROFILING FILE ==============================================
version: 1
creator: xdebug 2.2.3
cmd: D:\xampp\htdocs\Real Estate App\index.php
part: 1
positions: line

events: Time

3 0

45 0


I understand that this is caused because of xdebug, but how to stop this process I don’t know.
Mybe someone had same problem? Any ideas?

How to solve:

You have xdebug profiling enabled. If this is enabled xdebug will write runtime information about the scripts into systems temp folder (by default). Disable it in your php.ini (or in the xdebug.ini, depends on where did you set it)


and restart the web server


Yes found out that turning xdebug.profiler to off does part of the trick

xdebug.profiler_enable= 0

Then also turn off also eAccelerator which precomplies codes

; The directory that is used for disk cache. eAccelerator stores precompiled
; code, session data, content and user entries here. The same data can be
; stored in shared memory also (for more quick access).


Then stop apache

Delete the files in the tmp dir

Resart apache does the trick

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