postgresql – Why null string values do not work on UPDATE?

Exception or error:

I’m using sqlboiler to generated Go models from SQL and I’ve came across the following problem. When specifying ON CONFLICT via sqlboiler code:

dev := models.Device{
    ID:     deviceID,
    Type:   null.StringFrom("device"),
    // Name:        null.StringFrom(""),
    // Alias:       null.StringFrom(""),
err = dev.Upsert(context.Background(),
    boil.Whitelist("name", "alias", "type"),
    boil.Whitelist("id", "name", "alias", "type"),

I get the following query:

INSERT INTO "devices" ("id", "type") VALUES ($1,$2) ON CONFLICT ("id") DO UPDATE SET "type" = EXCLUDED."type","updated" = EXCLUDED."updated"
[60b16bd2890814e5 {device true} ]

and the following error: (X because of minified example)

sql: Scan error on column index X, name \"name\": converting NULL to string is unsupported'

When I initialize Name and Alias with the commented code it all works OK. Why do I need to initialize it? Why can’t zero values work in this scenario?

How to solve:

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