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How do you create a virtualenv for a specific python version using ansible. Is there a command in the ansible standard library?

I would like something like:

- virtualenv: dest=venv python_version:/usr/bin/python3
How to solve:

I have at times experienced some erratic behaviour with specifying virtualenv_command (e.g.: getting a python 2.7 executable in my virtualenv even though I specified to run the command with virtualenv-3.4.

If you experience that problem, you can create the virtualenv manually with the command module:

- name: Manually create the initial virtualenv
    cmd: virtualenv /user/home/venvs/myenv -p python3.4
    creates: "/user/home/venvs/myenv"

(note: by specifying creates this command will only run in the case that a virtualenv does not exist at /user/home/venvs/myenv).

Then you can install your requirements as normal with the pip command:

- name: Install requirements


I’ve found that specifying the virtualenv_python (available in Ansible 2.0+) also seems to work in the case stated above. For example:

- name: Install requirements
    requirements: /my_app/requirements.txt
    virtualenv: /user/home/venvs/myenv
    virtualenv_python: python3.4

(with this you shouldn’t need to manually create the virtualenv first)


You can do it with the pip module and a specific virtualenv binary:

- pip: virtualenv=/path/to/venv virtualenv_command=/path/to/virtualenv3 ...


With ansible 2.0 you can specify a python version for your virtualenv with virtualenv_python

For example:

- name: Initiate virtualenv
  pip: virtualenv="{{ virtualenv_dir }}" 
       requirements={{ app_dir }}/requirements.txt

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