Python: Find newest file with .MP3 extension in directory-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am trying to find the most recently modified (From here on out ‘newest’) file of a specific type in Python. I can currently get the newest, but it doesn’t matter what type. I would like to only get the newest MP3 file.

Currently I have:

import os

newest = max(os.listdir('.'), key = os.path.getctime)
print newest

Is there a way to modify this to only give me only the newest MP3 file?

How to solve:

Use glob.glob:

import os
import glob
newest = max(glob.iglob('*.[Mm][Pp]3'), key=os.path.getctime)


Assuming you have imported os and defined your path, this will work:

dated_files = [(os.path.getmtime(fn), os.path.basename(fn)) 
               for fn in os.listdir(path) if fn.lower().endswith('.mp3')]
newest = dated_files[0][1]


Give this guy a try:

import os
print max([f for f in os.listdir('.') if f.lower().endswith('.mp3')], key=os.path.getctime)


For learning purposes here my code, basically the same as from @Kevin Vincent though not as compact, but better to read and understand:

import datetime
import glob
import os

mp3Dir = "C:/mp3Dir/"
filesInmp3dir = os.listdir(mp3Dir)

datedFiles = []
for currentFile in filesInmp3dir:
    if currentFile.lower().endswith('.mp3'):
        currentFileCreationDateInSeconds = os.path.getmtime(mp3Dir + "/" + currentFile)
        currentFileCreationDateDateObject =
        datedFiles.append([currentFileCreationDateDateObject, currentFile])

print datedFiles
latest = datedFiles[0][1]
print "Latest file is: " + latest


for file in os.listdir(os.getcwd()):
    if file.endswith(".mp3"):
        print "",file
        newest = max(file , key = os.path.getctime)
        print "Recently modified Docs",newest

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