python – Why can't I find any pywin32 documentation/resources-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I cannot find pywin32 documentation or even a little synopsis of what the module is (I am aware its for win32 API stuff).

Is there any pywin32 documentation or resources? Maybe some examples?

How to solve:

The PyWin32 installation includes a .chm help file at [Pythonpath]\Lib\site-packages\PyWin32.chm.

The same info is online at

And as P2bM states, you can also look at ActiveState’s PyWin32 documentation, including a list of modules and a list of objects.


There is a documentation for pywin32 on ActiveState :

and also a modules description and the list of objects


Sadly, DDE is not actually documented, anywhere

The doc strings are all empty:

    >>> dde.CreateServer.__doc__

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