React Native project does not start on the android emulator and no error is shown-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m working on a React Native project (no Expo) end I’m using react-native-vector-icons

Everything was fine until I updated the ttf file of my icons. From that moment when I try to run my project on Android (with npx react-native run-android) build process is successful but application does not start on the emulator.

On iOS I have no problem.

Is there a way that allows me to understand what goes wrong?

How to solve:

Try to “Wipe Data” in the emulator before initialize your App.
You can do this in Android Studio, just follow the image:
Android Studio Wipe Data

If it doesn’t work, you can go in your android folder with cmd (“cd android”), make a “./gradlew clean” there, then “cd ..”, delete your “node_modules” folder, run “yarn install” or “npm install” and rebuild your project again with “npx react-native run-android”.
Hope it works.

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