segmentation fault – SIGNAL 11 SIGSEGV crash Android-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Today I faced an error due to which my Android application is getting by SIGNAL 11.

This error usually occurs due to unauthorized memory area access by Android internal storage. Some of the possible scenarios are web access, network communication, server image downloading and such. Mine was the case of browser load url!

I need to launch the browser after a QR code scan.

Application was keep on scanning and launching the browser fluently but the issue occurs after 15-20 attempts of same steps..

I researched a lot and found that its the MEMORY ERROR which occurs in Android Native libraries.. usually when an unknown memory area is tried to access by the android internal storage system.

Finally I revealed that when I saw my application memory usage in the Android application setting section, i found that the cache has been reached to 10 MB..

How to solve:

Call webview.clearCache(); and webView2.destroyDrawingCache();

That should solve the problem.


I have faced the same problem and i had a jni. this fatal exception creates randomly and as i was using it to play audio it crashed about 2min or 6 min or else. After a lots of research i have found that the problem was i had made a native function call from two different thread and when it occurs at the same time it failed.

Another if you have any jni call from android make sure that you have not passed any null as an argument.

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