Send AT Commands to Android Phone-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to Send AT Command to Android phone.

I know SDK does not support this.

but there are two solution :

  1. change the code of Kernel and release your new Android (it seems it is so hard!)

  2. LoopBack on USB.(i think Bluetooth is same)

About second solution , when you connect your phone to PC with USB cable , you will see a GSM modem on Device Manager that help you to send AT Command to GSM Modem.

If we find a solution to loop back on mobile phone , we can send AT commands to GSM Modem.

Question is : HOW to loop back and what tty file on kernel will help us?

How to solve:

first you have to root the phone then
in adb shell


echo -e “AT\r” > /dev/smd0

if you want to see answer use

cat /dev/smd0

i’ve test this command in samsung mini,cooper,s+ and it works.

if you use htc (htc rhyme tested) try to adb shell and type this command “radiooptions 13 AT”
if you want to see answer type “logcat -b radio”

try echo to /dev/smd0 for other devices

*you can use this command in sdk java code by using Runtime.exec (require su)

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