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Does anyone know how to make a simple app in android dev eclipse with a simple in app purchase item like 50 coins for 0.50p in android because there are absolutely no tutorials out there and the android in app billing example isn’t exactly helpful.

How to solve:

The current version of Android In App Purchase is V3

My blog post is titled Simple In App Purchase v2, so that might help:

I’ve also recently written an overview with a flowchart to try and explain InApp Purchase (not so simple): (v2)

enter image description here


Does this library (AndroidBillingLibrary) solve your problem?



Here is answer for IAB v2

And you, most likely, looking for v3 (which is much simpler)

Don’t get in this trap, as I did…

Google I/O 2013 – In-App Billing Version 3 –


You can check example with library for inn app billing.

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