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I have just started learning to write apps for android using Eclipse. Where can I find free source code that I can use during my learning experience?

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The official sample code and tutorials can be found here:

For reading code I can recommend these repositories:

More sample applications for the Android platform:

Open Source examples from the books and are available at and . They helped me a lot by simply reading the code and searching for classes I needed.


You can take a look at the source code of the common Android applications like Contacts, Email, Calendar, etc.

Look at projects under platform/packages/apps here:


Go to the android developers site, they have lots of code demos and tutorials to get you started. Check em out here.

A lot of their examples are included in the sdk. you can find them in android-sdk-windows\samples


You can also reach the code samples directly in Eclipse: create a new Android Project, then select “Create from an existing sample” in the “New Android Project” dialog.


Links where you can spend lots of time learning and checking out Open Source code for eclipse using SVN.


Answers are quite old, here is new link to andoird’s APS samples

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